Need to know

Cwm Eigiau Cottage  altitude 1,360 ft, 414 m 

 OS Outdoor Leisure Map. No. 17    Grid Ref SH 713638  

What’s provided at the hut  

Bog rolls           


Carbon Monoxide alarms

Chemical bog

Coal (smokeless) and firelighters

Multi fuel stove



Dog bowls

Dustpans and brushes

Games and some stuff to read            

Gas supply        

Gas cookers and small grills     

Glasses large and small            

Hut info book

Hand sanitiser and soap          


Kitchen utensils           

Lighting – solar powered (but bring back-up esp. in winter)  

Matches (but bring back-up)  

Mattresses and pillows            


Mouse traps     

Pans and huge billy pots          



Sweeping brushes        

Paper towel      

Table, chairs     


Washing up liquid        

Water supply (single cold tap only - must be boiled)

...and what isn’t

Blankets / quilts


Face masks


Mobile signals

Phone charging

Refuse disposal


Toilet flush


T towels – bring your own and take away please

🔥  KINDLING may be available but isn't guaranteed.  It makes lighting the stove much easier so it's a really good idea to bring just a handful of it yourself for each night

What to do when you get there

On arrival 

On departure

Chemical Toilet Please bury the contents of the chemical toilet in the field opposite, well away from the hut and the track.  The task is not as noisome as you might imagine.  The ground is quite soft and will take a spade easily though for obvious reasons it’s best to avoid any areas that look freshly dug.   A square hole at least a foot/30cm deep is ideal, though other shapes are permitted.  Please make sure you cover your deposits with the turf you lifted. 

Finally, rinse and recharge the bucket with 5cm stream water and a third of a cup of green Elsan fluid (in store room).  Instructions for this are also on the cubicle door. 

Coal Stove The stove was installed in 2022 and is brilliant but can be slow to get going.  For the best combustion experience, start with a small piece of firelighter, ideally a few sticks of kindling, and just a few briquettes.  Once it's gone critical you can gradually add more briquettes.  Full stove instructions are on the notice board and in the stove manual on the shelf.  Please handle the stove and glass door gently.

Cookers The cookers do not have auto-ignition, so you need to light with a match or lighter.  To do so turn and depress the cooker knob, light, and keep depressed for a few seconds.  Please try to keep the cookers and grill pan as clean as possible. The cookers have gas shutoff valves to prevent gas escaping if the flame is extinguished.   

Gas supply The gas shut off valve is in the hut on the wall opposite the door.  The gas bottles do not need any maintenance so please don’t try to open the cages.  The gas cookers have their own isolator valves. Please ensure all valves are turned off before you leave. 

Hut Lighting System The hut has a solar panel and battery.  The main switch is opposite the door in the corner.  When switched on a red LED is illuminated so please use it as a reminder to switch off when you leave.   Especially in low-sunlight times please try to conserve the battery by avoiding leaving unnecessary lights on.

Rubbish Combustible rubbish may be burned in the stove.  Please take all your other rubbish, recycling, and spare food away with you when you leave.  Any food left in the cottage encourages rats and mice.  The next occupant will though appreciate any spare unopened beer, wine, or whisky. Please put excess COLD ash from the stove in the metal bin in the store room. 

Security The door key also fits the padlock on the store shed door.  The windows have bolted shutters.  Store the shutters indoors in the porch and keep the bolts safe on the window sills.  Please do make sure the shutters are tightly bolted when you leave. 

Washing Facilities are limited to the one cold tap and personal hygiene standards may fall below the national average.   This is not normally an issue even with a full hut and is easily remedied on departure.  There appear to be no long-term adverse effects. 

Water supply The water stop-cock is in the corner behind the stove under the worktop.   There is a single cold tap in the hut fed from the stream behind the hut, but the water may be contaminated by ponies and sheep.  You must boil all water used for drinking, teeth cleaning, colonic irrigation, or any other invasive treatments.  There is a large billypot with its own gas burner, and plenty of kettles to help.  The top of the stove is also a good place to keep a kettle on the go.  

In winter (October to April) please make sure the stop cock is turned off and the sink tap opened when you leave. 

Wi-Fi and mobile The cottage is Wi-Fi free, zero G, and contactless.  This means you will enjoy your life more at Cwm Eigiau.